Display Your Style and Personality: Custom Kitchens


Custom kitchens are a beautiful addition to your home.  When you choose to remodel your kitchen, you open the door to a world of style, color and wood choices.

Customized cabinetry means achieving the perfect fit.  The worst thing about ready-made cabinets is that most of the time they do not fit your kitchen space.  This can leave awkward spaces in corners and along walls.

For those homeowners that take great care to find furniture, paintings and flooring that perfectly match their personality and style, the same rule applies to kitchen cabinets.  To achieve your style and personality you need to have them custom made.

Upper cabinets are a large focal point in the home.  These cabinets are the first thing people will see when they enter your kitchen space.  Cabinets can be extended to the ceiling and framed in beautiful molding.  Custom cabinet doors can include various types of glass and/or wiring, something you don’t find much of in base cabinets.  A section of drawers can include two large and two or three small drawers.  They can also be customized depending on what one wants to store in them.

Unless you are able to custom build your dream home to your exact specifications, it is unlikely your kitchen has all the features you want.  Features such as hidden garbage containers, tray separators, pull out shelving and drawer dividers are not the standard in many homes.

There are also many choices in countertop material.  Top choices are granite, marble and slate because they are more durable.  You might even ask for a granite block from the countertop used to serve as a cutting piece.

It is fairly simple to do some rough sketches or find pictures on-line and have an expert build a kitchen to your specifications.  An experienced craftsman will take measurements and present you with a design for your approval.  You may also want to ask your craftsman about other features you may not be familiar with.

Having custom kitchen cabinetry installed is not just a way to create a more personalized look that would integrate well with the rest of the home’s design – it is also a great way to increase the home’s market value and enhance its functionality.

You are only limited by your imagination.

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