Our Tips to Get Organized

Getting organized can be a difficult task, especially for the working couple.   There is no doubt that organization will help you control the chaos in your life and make your home a place of comfort at the end of your day.  However, dealing with clutter is not always easy.  In fact, many find it overwhelming. Interior Concepts for Interior Trim has the following tips, tricks and ideas to help you add areas of organization to your home.

  • The bedroom built-in can be used above a bed, along a wall or under a bed for storage, shelving, etc.
  • Space saver – sleek built-in shelving can make use of small spaces

Built-ins 1

  • Bunks – bunk beds can be custom built along a wall for a unique children’s area with storage and shelving

CR 21

  • Bookshelves can be placed on any blank wall area
  • Deep drawer storage can be utilized in various ways to store kitchen utensils, etc.
  • Crooked nooks and irregular wall space can be made into shelving or a desk with raised shelving
  • Stylish built-in or protruding shelving can be added to any room to display treasures

ICI 89

  • Dual side desks are a great idea for children’s rooms (desks may be placed on each side of a doorway or along a wall with shelving in the middle)
  • Wash room cabinetry hides detergent and other cleaning items
  • Stair case displays can be created along the stairway
  • Workspace shelving can be added to small nooks and/or closets by removing a door
  • Shelving on walls and in closets can utilize space in an office
  • Appliance hideaways and pullouts can organize and store appliances
  • Window seating can double as a storage area

Nook by iCI

  • Bedside built-ins can hold extra clothing, books, etc.
  • The closet office (install shelving in a closet and make a small office desk – door can be removed or left to hide the office area)
  • Bedroom bar/nook can be added
  • Small service – utilize every sliver of your kitchen. A pullout pantry can transforms an awkward space into useful storage
  • TV center storage and shelving can store DVDs, books, etc.
  • Closet shoe racks and shelving organize clothing, shoes, hats, etc.

Built-ins 11

  • Hallway shelving can hide clutter with cabinetry below and store books and other treasures on shelving above
  • Cabinet cutouts – a drawer or cabinet can be utilized as a pull our cutting board in the kitchen area
  • Steps – the space under a cabinet can be made to serve as a pullout step
  • Laundry room doors – use doors in a laundry room to hide mops, brooms, vacuums and/or make labeled doors for children’s after school stash
  • Staircase storage – install hidden cabinets under a stairway and disguised as a wall
  • Be creative with space under stairs

Built-ins 10

  • Install shelving above doorways and below ceilings
  • Custom buffets can add space for dishes and china
  • Open shelving can frame a window or span an opening between rooms
  • Open up a closet by removing a door and making shelving space and organize clutter
  • Floor to ceiling shelving can display trophies, treasures, store books, etc.

Concentrate on things that are important to you and get creative.  As an example, use colored ice trays to organize earrings in a drawer or roll up old magazines and use them to stand up boots.  The world of organization is at your feet.

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