Built-Ins: A Great Addition to Your Home

Built ins 8

In every home the ability to hold more storage and display decor isn’t always a simple task.  Books, collectibles, linens, and treasures need a storage location.  Built-ins offer a great way to accomplish just that.

Built-ins may be tucked into a wall structure or they may function as a wall. The tucked in built-ins range from simple niches with just one shelf to entire cabinets that have multiple drawers. To maximize storage space, consider recessing a built-in all the way into the wall. This will minimize clutter by keeping your floors clean for other use and add decorative charm to your home.

Built-ins can make a dead zone a work of art.  They can be used in almost every room of the home from the kitchen to the bathroom to the area under a stairwell.  Shelving helps give an updated and functional appeal to your home office. Cabinetry can organize and hide clutter. For smaller rooms, have holes drilled into the back of the shelving to enable office, audio, and computer equipment to seamlessly sit ‘within’ your walls.  You will be surprised how much floor space you gain, and a decorative color palette can be used to compliment with the rest of your home office.

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You can easily find ready-made pieces. However, it is difficult to get straight lines, lighting, cabinet doors, etc. when purchasing ready-made.  The truth is most will not be a custom fit. You may also have problems matching the ready-made shelf to your interior.  Or if they’re low-cost, they’re probably not sturdy and durable. The truth is it is difficult to find a bookcase or shelf that exactly meets your needs, fits your space and your home style, and still fits your budget.

Having your shelving, bookcase or built-ins built by a professional is often the best solution.  The cost is definitely worth the home improvement value. Custom built-in furniture can make the most of every inch of your home.

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