Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is about food, but more importantly, it’s about family. A working kitchen is the activity hub of your home. A beautifully remodeled kitchen is the sparkling jewel. All good parties end up here. The decision to buy your house will be made here.


Come to us with a stack of dog-eared design magazines, Idea Books or a Pinterest Board full of ideas. We can work with your interior designer or introduce you to our award-winning in-house design team.

We’ll look at your existing kitchen and the adjoining rooms to explore all of your options. Removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room or pantry can dramatically open a space up, as can removing closets, adding windows or additions. All of our recommendations will be done to maintain (or improve) the structural integrity, design aesthetic and resale value of the home.


 Several factors will dictate the materials you select:

  • Budget
  • Space
  • Intended Usage
  • Design
  • Timing

Warmest regards,
Billy Hammons

Interior Concepts for Interior Trim, Inc.
1 Elegant Kitchen