Advantages to Building A Custom Home

Recent findings by the U.S. Census Bureau indicate that new home construction spending was up by 20% in 2012. The demand for the new home is not only rebounding, it is growing.

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Do you remember buying your first car?  Do you remember the excitement of picking it out, the new smell and the feel when you first sat down inside? The feeling is much the same, except on a much larger scale, when you walk into the custom home built to your comfort.  The custom built home offers many unique features its competitors just cannot begin to touch.

To a homeowner, newly-constructed homes offer the best in modern conveniences. Features like built-in wireless Internet access, built in televisions and surround sound, docks for smart phones, specialty cabinets with unique features, MP3 players, or state-of-the-art media rooms, billiard rooms, wine cellars and gyms, are often offered in new construction properties.

Living in a new custom built home may help you save money. You can ask your builder about low-flow toilets, energy-efficient windows, solar panels and upgraded insulation. All of these green building features demonstrate your commitment to the environment, and they can save a home buyer enormous amounts of money over time.

Be sure to research where you might want to live. Consider building your home close to areas that offer things that are important to you. If possible, consider boutique shops, small markets, intimate restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment areas, the closeness to your job and/or public transportation.  If you like your home quiet, make sure you are not close to a major road.  Living outside of the city may offer larger lots and acreage, so long as you don’t mind driving.

Deciding to custom build is a unique and exciting experience. Hand picking your home features offers many new and special choices. There is nothing like living in something completely new, filled with your style and treasures, and custom built for your comfort.  It can make you feel like a million bucks.

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